Check the "FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions" section below to see if I can save you some time, if you can't find anything useful there, feel free to drop me an email to carlosortega3d at  or fill the contact form below  :)
Currently available for freelancing.   Thanks for your visit!

Quick FAQ! Some frequently asked questions

I'm a Graphic Designer, but I learned everything related to 3D art by myself on my free time, using the help docs on the software and later using books and internet. I use Maya, Mudbox, ZBrush, Photoshop, Marvelous Designer, Arnold, Mental Ray, FurryBall, among others, each image has the specific Software used in that particular case in the description

1. I'm only available for freelance work, (modeling, texturing, lighting) About personal commissions: (ie. original characters) take into account that a 3D commission involves a lot of work for just a single image, it may not be really cost effective for you, it won't be cheap, it won't be fast  

2. Requests: Not at the moment, I usually work on my personal stuff when I'm free from work

3. Tutorials/Courses/Teaching: I don't have tutorials of my own yet, nor plans to release anything soon. If I'm into any courses in the future, I'll be announcing it here too. Also due time constraints/distances I'm not available for personal teaching/mentoring

4. Images: Please, do not copy, re-upload, trace, copy, modify, photoshop any of the images in this gallery, we are all being respectful with each other's work here!! This is NOT a stock account.

5. As Reference: People have sent me drawings, sculptures, paintings, even tattoos inspired by my work, I have no problem with that! that's flattering and it's fair use, but please NEVER for commercial purposes (and please don't make an exact copy in the exact medium of my work ie. never make a 3D model of a 3D model of mine and show it as your own)

6. Free Work: NEVER!!

7. Free Work for my awesome new project that will make millions once it's on sale in 2020: Sure! maybe with a blood-signed contract beforehand  but most likely... Nope

8. Models: No model I've done here is available for sharing/sale/animation/blueprints. If you need something drop me a note and I'll give you a quote for a work from scratch

9. I won't modify any of the images in the gallery for any purpose, (ie. "make them look like me", "paste my dog's face here and there" etc.) they are personal works and not public templates, again, you can contact me for a work from scratch, thanks for respect that!

Thanks for your visit and support!!
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