IEEG voting campaign
Maya | FurryBall | Mudbox | mental ray | Photoshop
Created for the Guanajuato Electoral Institute (Instituto Electoral del Estado de Guanajuato IEEG - MX)
A series of tv spots promoting the vote in the state of Guanajuato, several ones were made between 2012 and 2014 promoting different situations on voting. The whole campaign was developed by the IEEG, who also delivered the audio tracks. 
My task was to develop the spots from start to finish - character design, modeling, texturing, rigging, layout, animation, prop and environment modeling, lighting, rendering and final compositing - starting from a rough storyboard.
Due time and budget constraints the only characters created were Neto Electo - The main character and spokesman of the campaign - and a basic male and female base characters that could be easily changed swapping only hair and clothing.
Extra credits to Cesar Guevara for environment modeling on Spots 1 & 3 and logo animation on spots 1 through 6
Below are some finished spots, frames and development images.
Thanks for watching!!
IEEG SPOT 02: ¡Cada vez somos más! - (We are becoming more!) - 2012
IEEG SPOT 03: ¡Ábreles la puerta! - (Open the doors for them!) - 2012
IEEG SPOT 04: ¡Todos contamos contigo! - (We are all counting on you!) - 2012
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