The Weeping Woman
Autodesk Mudbox | Autodesk Maya | mental ray | Adobe Photoshop
Desde el fondo de la tierra 
fantasmas humanos se buscan 
algunos olvidan frío 
otros nunca se encuentran 
hacen temblar la vida 
tiemblan sueños... tiembla amor 

ay no quiero amarte llorona 
hay no quiero llorar contigo 
ay! déjame ver tu piel 
ay! déjame ser tu piel
From the bottom of the earth
human ghosts look for each other
some coldly forget
others never find themselves
they make the life shake
dreams shake... love shakes
I don't want to love you, weeping woman
I don't want to cry with you
let me see your skin
let me be your skin
Created for the Collective Exhibition in Mexico: "Ilustrando para" as homage for the mexican Rock Band "Caifanes", glad to be part of this collection along with many talented mexican colleagues I respect and admire.
It depicts my vision of one of many versions of the mexican legend of "The Weeping Woman" (La Llorona) and it is inspired by the song of the same name by the band Caifanes. The legend tells the story of a young woman who has lost her children, even after her death, during nights her spirit keeps weeping in sadness looking for her dead children. Again, this is one of many versions :)

Thanks for watching!
Created in Mudbox & Maya, rendered with mental ray and post in Photoshop.
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