Zyanya ©2017
Maya | Mudbox | FurryBall 

"Zyanya", an old project I've been working slowly through the last years, it's a small animation project that may not be outstanding but I really want to see it done. It's in progress and I'm still working on it, making some design changes on the model, as well as working some environments/concept scenes wink 

The animation is a small test I did sometime ago while working on the rig/shapes of this character. It's a WORK IN PROGRESS, things like cloth/hair/props are not final nor properly rigged/skinned, anyway, I may take this to Patreon and keep posting updates here and there, if this short eventually takes off nicely I will eventually need to hire some of my more capable colleagues since I'm not a pro rigger nor animator, and if this gets buried at least there will be some record out there for those interested, cheers! wink

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